The major difference between our Academy, is we train the players how a professional player should train, in the South American Nations development of young players is in the emphasis on physical/technical training. A much more detailed and intense level of all round physical and technical abilities are worked on.

We always if possible at the end of every run add a technical aspect (ball control, tackle, jump, spin) whatever the type of running involved. We also avoid at all costs running in straight lines only; We teach retro (backwards) sidewinders, combination runs (bent runs with a turn, a change of rhythm, multi-plane, etc.). Also we have a conditioning session which must be undertaken involving all the parameters of “football fitness”, speed, strength, suppleness, skill, selection (intelligent decision making) and stamina, all of these are worked on equally in each and every training session.

We always use our philosophy when coaching football which is to have fun, where winning is secondary to player enjoyment and personal development. We encourage the players to express themselves on the pitch and educate them to play creative football.

We also use a Brazilian martial art called Caporeira to help with the movement (Ginga), awareness, co-ordination and flexibility. We also coach various football players Professional & Semi Professional of all abilities on a 1-2-1 basis so they can maintain their condition throughout the season.

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