These rules apply to ALL Pro-Academy Of Football Members

  1. All Academy members are expected to present themselves in a  respectable manner.
  2. Members fee’s are due on the first Friday of every month (the monthly fee is a set fee if you attend or not) there will be no deductions if you are on holiday or injured, unless its a long term injury or agreed by the head coach.
  3. If you are absent from training for any reason please call or text Mark Hunter.
  4. Please could you NOT wear metal blades or studs on the 3G astro pitches.
  5. Shin pads are to be worn at all training and match sessions.
  6. It is vital that you bring a non fizzy drink to all sessions



Be a good sport. Applaud good play by your team and the opposition.
Play within the rules of the game.
Play for fun and enjoyment, not just to please parents.
Do not conceal an injury. Tell your coach if you have an injury.
Control your temper. The Academy does not tolerate violent or abusive behavior by its players.
Treat all players fairly and with respect. The Academy does not tolerate bullying or taking unfair advantage of another player.
Encourage and support your team-mates. Co-operate with your coach.
Concentrate on the game your coach has asked you to play. Express yourself in that role.
Work hard for yourself and your team.
Respect the officials and accept all decisions without question.



Remember that children play sport for their enjoyment and not yours.

Encourage children to participate do not force them.

Avoid pressuring your child about winning or losing. Remember that the academy’s coaches take a long term approach to your child’s football development.

Encourage children to play within the rules.

Remember children learn best by example. Applaud and encourage all players, and applaud good play by the opposition.

Show respect to your child’s coach.

Never publicly criticise your child, the coach or other players.

Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.

Do not question decisions made by the match officials. Show appreciation for officials and administrators. Without them your child could not participate.

If the above RULES are not met players may be released from the Academy.

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